Mitch Fairburn

Date: March 20, 2013

"My auto repair shop was looking like it needed some tlc so I decided to invest in an epoxy floor to clean the place up. I went with a nice red finish that gave the garage an instant change where customers would even come in and comment on how good the floor looked. It’s easy for my guys to clean down and no more unsightly oil patch seeped in to the concrete."

Frank Dawson

Date: May 15, 2013

"As a warehouse manager based in Fall River I wanted to paint zones to put certain packages and items and have system set up by colors. Epoxy Flooring Massachusetts did a great job of designing with me different painted areas so now I have a green area floor for outgoing cargo a red flooring area for stuff that is holding and an amber flooring area for stuff that is being shipped in the next 3 days. It’s easy for staff and nothing now gets lost or shipped by accident. I am very happy with the end product."

Mr. Larch

Date: October 06, 2013

"My 2 car garage was just completed over the holiday break and I could not be happier. I have a nice place to park my cars and it can only add value to my house having this floor."

Epoxy Flooring Massachusetts!

Epoxy flooring solutions are visually stunning and will transform any space in to an environment that not only feels modern but collectively makes a space look brighter and bigger.

Here at epoxy flooring Massachusetts we are known for providing first rate epoxy flooring solutions to clients all over Massachusetts. This type of work includes metallic flake epoxy finishes and even concrete polishing solutions. All the looks we provide are considered unique and very appealing to the eye.

Epoxy is also a cheaper way to give a floor a facelift whilst providing hardwearing solutions and giving it a non slip surface so you can go about your day without the worry of slipping over. It is also very easy to clean which makes it perfect for a commercial of industrial environment and even a home garage where oil spills and leaks can be common place. With epoxy you just mop it or hose the area down to clean as desired.

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