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Mitch Fairburn

Date: March 20, 2013

"My auto repair shop was looking like it needed some tlc so I decided to invest in an epoxy floor to clean the place up. I went with a nice red finish that gave the garage an instant change where customers would even come in and comment on how good the floor looked. It’s easy for my guys to clean down and no more unsightly oil patch seeped in to the concrete."

Frank Dawson

Date: May 15, 2013

"As a warehouse manager based in Fall River I wanted to paint zones to put certain packages and items and have system set up by colors. Epoxy Flooring Massachusetts did a great job of designing with me different painted areas so now I have a green area floor for outgoing cargo a red flooring area for stuff that is holding and an amber flooring area for stuff that is being shipped in the next 3 days. It’s easy for staff and nothing now gets lost or shipped by accident. I am very happy with the end product."

Mr. Larch

Date: October 06, 2013

"My 2 car garage was just completed over the holiday break and I could not be happier. I have a nice place to park my cars and it can only add value to my house having this floor."

Commercial Epoxy Flooring Massachusetts

Every company these days is adding an epoxy floor in to their business and there are a few reasons for this but the main one is. It makes a space look fantastic and brings real appeal to anyone entering the premises. Another reason is it provides a non slip hard wearing surface that not only adds safety to a place but makes it easy to clean and gives it a clean finish.

We are always getting in new epoxy colors and finishes and we can even mix the paint to the color you require. So if you want your company colors on the floor then we can do that for you. Even if you want your company logo set on the floor we can look at doing that for you. Epoxy is very diverse and is easy to install so we will be in and out before you know it meaning no disruption to your staff members and a nice quick and easy service.

How long does it normally take to lay an epoxy floor?

Depending on the square footage of a place we can normally get a floor down quickly. It can take a day to prep a floor which means cleaning and filling in any cracks and holes in the concrete and getting it looking smooth so the paint will sit perfectly on top. If any epoxy guy just wants to paint before prepping then this in not the person to go with. We will always do a walk through with you to show you any cracks and chips that need looking at and if the floor is in real bad condition then we will look at putting a new concrete skim on top to make sure it’s perfect.

After this is complete we sometimes have to use a degreaser if we see any spills on the floor to lift any bad patches. Also any tire marks on the floor will be sanded back and removed, once this is all prepared to our high standards we get to work on finishing off the cleaning and applying the epoxy resin. The catalyst and the pigment will be mixed in to give it the desired look you want with any texturing materials if you have requested that. We recoat not soon after the first coat is down to harden the floor with the paint.

This is a the general process and if you have seen epoxy flooring where the paint is coming up then it was not done right by the original installer and epoxy should be good for a very long time. If you need an old epoxy floor looked at we can help and we will repair it or make suggestions if it needs to be replaced. We are known in Massachusetts as providing the best epoxy solutions to the state and we have done countless jobs that will impress you.

So if you are in need of flooring options and ideas then please give us a phone call and we will be happy to hear from you and help.